Thursday, November 5, 2015

eExpo 2015

Parent Workshops

Below are a list of available parenting workshops available through PISD. What a great resource for parents! Pass it on... 

11/6 8:00am Memorial ES *Sibling Rivalry
11/10 12:00pm Bethany ES How to Handle the In’s & Out’s of Girl Drama
11/12 7:45am Mathews ES I Can Handle It: Facing Up to Bullies
11/13 8:00am Sigler ES *Stay Cool in the Heat of the Moment – Managing Anger
11/17 8:00am Hickey ES *Doing the Homework/Extra-Curricular/Family Time Boogie
11/17 7:15pm Otto MS *What are our Children doing in the Digital Age
11/18 7:45am Weatherford ES *Creating Harmonious Nurturing Families

11/19 6:00pm Rasor ES Who’s in Control? Reducing Power Struggles

One Time Workshops ES = Elementary School MS = Middle School

Lollipop Moments

Christie Elementary is gearing up for our second annual Engineering Expo (eEXPO). Yesterday at our staff meeting we shared a TED Talk about leadership with our staff. The story shared in this video about the "lollipop moment" really stuck with me. 

How many people in your life have created lollipop moments for you?

How many of you have actually told that person?

Think about how amazing our eEXPO would be this year if teachers and students really started to believe in their leadership abilities. 

So I ask you....